तैयारी के लिए Tips

Following points you should consider for Better Result in SSC JE Mains

  • Syllabus– Important subjects for SSC JE mains is Numerical Subjects.You should prepare Numerical subjects in proper manner. Try to write as much as possible. Focus on Conceptual numericals with proper diagrams. If you are preparing any subjects try to solve their numericals at the same time.
  • Question Practice– It’s very iportant Question to know, Previous year Questions is very important ,because every year questions repeat in few manners.Easy IES mains Questions also very important.
  • Answer Writing Skills –   You know the answer but without proper writing skills, you can’t score good, without proper practice you can’t achieve such perfection.start practice and improve writing skills.
  • Last Minute Tips– Before Exam kindly check your complete required document mentioned on Admit card, Calculator, Pen should be used so that writing flow can be improve, carry 5-6 pen used before , that will fasten your speed in answer writing.
  • During Exam Tips – If you know the answer of all questions then choose numerical questions, if any theoritical also there. Make writing clear. Answer should be in single language. Time plays important role so don’t waste your time in excess content. If Question contain diagram then it should be clear with proper notations.Suppose you don’t know any question then for getting extra marks don’t waste your time on excess content, it may affect you marks.
  • After Exam Tips – After exam someone got frustrate about exam, someone get excited both the things are wrong. Just take a break for 3-4 days or till your mind respond it is enough and start your study as like previously. This exam is just a exam so move on..

All the Best