SSC JE Preparation during Lockdown

Hello my Dear students

Preparation is just like of regular practice of war. If you will not exercise regularly your interest in subject will got reduce.

Kindly consider few points and try to follow them

  • Motivation– As we feel if no exam means no preparation, that you should change for now, this nature may harm you, because everything suddenly stopped and simillarly every thing will start suddenly, if you will not ready you will lose.So charge youself you are here for your dream, till you will not achieve you will not stop.
  • Strategy– It is very important always, as you are habituated earlier come with same, their will slighlty change for coaching going and college going students. you should fill your free time with new and easy subjects, it will helpful.
  • Study Content– During Self study always you should follow standard books, if you really wants to crack the exam then you should strongly go for text books,(*Very Important). {In your mind it may that why we should follow books, Ans- If you prepare from text books it will give you depth in subject knowledge that is very important for mains exam and also for fututre upper level of exams.}

                       Class Notes– If you have any class notes that you took your self , you have to include that note also during text books and add those points which you think important for you, it may something very easy and something very hard. 

                        Online lecture– It is also important for those points that you are not able to understand at your own, it saves our time and we clear our doubts. but i will recommend 100% dependency on online lecture is not good, because you can’t clear that lecutres doubts with the same person.

                       Online Test– Self assessment is very important to judge our ablity to do the paper. I will recommend first try objective books to do practice, then after previous year paper then online test and offline Mock tests. you will ask why offline mocktest, offline test you do in groups and your known students, that will help to understand what was the paper level and where you lack from others.

At the end Health is more important so take care of your self don’t compromise with the health