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How to prepare for SSC JE?

Ans- Lots of students ask this Question “How to prepare for SSC JE?“. Friends at first i would like to say Each exam comes with certain fundamental Requirements. We all knows that this Recruitment is for “TECHNICAL POST“. 

This Means we should have proper Knowledge for Technical Subjects, In respective Departments.

Following Rules you can follow During Preparation-

  • Never think that you can crack this exam within two or three months.
  • Never start with Difficult subjects according to you.
  • During starting always take time to learn Basics first.
  • Never compare your preparation with others.
  • Never think about family and financial conditions because it’s temporary conditions.
  • Always try to learn new concepts from friends, similarly teach them also new concepts so that your confidence will improve.
  • follow online content also.
  • Very important- you should follow at least one text book for Each subject.
  • Practice topic wise is very important. it will always improve your confidence.
  • Discuss A lot with friends.
  • Go through different mediums for weak subjects like Youtube, different websites, Text books, Class-notes etc
  • Always prepare both Objective as well as Descriptive both types of question.
  • Make practice of previous year papers.
  • Attend Mock tests

All the Best