Best youtube channel for Online study..

I would like to guide you few points for Best Videos..

  1. Online Study Why??- you have to find answer for best reason why you are choosing online study, because its is very important. without self motivation and dedication we can’t continue.A perfect reason required. Due to financial condition if you chosen online study will not last longer.Because that condition will not change during your online study , that condition will attract you towards money and you will lose your preparation. so must have concrete reason.
  2. Target Exams- You must have certain targets, in which you want to join as soon as possible. That target will motivate you on daily basis.You need to know Target should be not more than two or three exams.Because as you can see different exams can have different exam modules so target limited exams.
  3. Text Books –   You must have text books according to your syllabus, without text books you can’t start your preparation through online study.lots of concepts and pattern you have to understand from books.

If you qualify above norms then start your preparation through online

Now answer for best videos its answer is tricky because everyone claims that , their videos are best. But you have do some research using few steps.

  • Quality of FacultyQuality of faculty you can check while you will start your lecture from last few minutes, if you can understand their concepts and solve the questions using that concepts is really good.Teachers from different popular coaching centre also provides online lectures.